Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud is the ultimate platform to current technology. But What if it fails ensuring data protection? This thought brings in cloud security platform and its researchers aim in helping enterprise information technology and decision makers to analyze the security implications of cloud computing in their business.

Main purpose of Cloud Security is:

  • To analyze the sensitivity to risks of user’s resources.
  • To understand the data storage and transfer mechanism provided by the cloud service provider.
  • To consider proper cloud type to be used.

The most accepted Cloud Security model worldwide is CSA(Cloud Security Alliance). CSA is a stack model that helps one to define the boundaries of each service model & shows with how much variation the functional units relate to each other. CSA creates the boundary between the service provider & the customer. Main key points are:

  • IaaS is the most basic level among all services.
  • Each of the services inherits the capabilities and security concerns of the model beneath.
  • The infrastructure, platform for development & software operating environment are provided by IaaS, PaaS & SaaS respectively.
  • The security mechanism below the security boundary must be built into the system that is required to be maintained by the customer.

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