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What if you could get something that could do all your company’s maintenance and updating tasks? It would take a great proportion of technical burden from your shoulder, right? Azure cloud services are just like that. Around the world a large number of Fortune 500 companies are integrating Microsoft Azure into their business. With this secure, reliable and scalable cloud-enabled software, companies can create, test, deploy and handle all kinds of applications easily. Also Azure supports various operating systems, databases, programming languages, frameworks and devices while enabling businesses to make the best use of tools and technologies that they rely on.


Now, let’s consider the factors that make Microsoft Azure most sought-after business tool till date.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) functions


Microsoft Azure cloud services combine both PaaS and IaaS capabilities. While PaaS allows users to build their own apps and web solutions without buying them or taking care of the groundwork for that, IaaS ensures that companies can outsource infrastructure on Azure and pay only for what they are using.




Azure has been created and designed on a leading security process, Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). It helps in securing all data and services on Azure cloud. It provides more than 50 compliance offerings with the best compliance coverage and is counted as the most reliable cloud platform by government institutions in the US.


Scalable and ductile Azure features


Azure allows smooth running of applications, scaling from 10 to 10 million users without the requirement for additional coding. With Microsoft cloud storage you can get safe, secure, ductile and performance-oriented storage facilities in cloud. You can change settings quickly and make use of more processors for using applications.


Creating hybrid connections on Microsoft Azure Cloud


Azure features great adaptability and flexibility and makes for a pretty reliable between public cloud and on-premise Microsoft cloud. It offers a wide scope of hybrid connections like content delivery networks, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), ExpressRoute connections and caches to upgrade performance and usability.


Integration, intelligence and analytic capabilities


Microsoft Azure is the only cloud platform that offers machine learning, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), cognitive APIs and bots. Azure PaaS assists in creating DevOps connections in order to check, manage and make small adjustments with apps constantly. Besides managing a huge part of the infrastructure management tasks, it saves time to keep focused on innovation and other business processes.




With Microsoft’s pay-as-you-go structure, you pay only for the services that you use to create and extend resources accessing Azure. This naturally reduces the cost of IT administration since Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure on Azure. It creates connection between the cloud and data centers and makes the connection accessible in not less than 42 regions unlike any other cloud provider.


Need more reasons to opt for Microsoft Azure? Or need help in getting started with this cloud platform? Get connected with a top consultant in your locality today.

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